Friday, 28 September 2012

Struggling Hero Uday Kiran's Suicidal Mistake? | Uday Kiran Experimenting with Police Role in Jai Sriram

For any hero to be successful, it is important to know his limitations and the ability to know which genre of audience he can attract. It takes only very few men to become superstars and attract all genres of audience. But  here is one man who seems to be on a suicidal mission to his career.
He is none other than the faded lover boy Uday Kiran. The last few years has seen Uday going down with no movies and only duds. Well known for his lover boy and youth oriented roles. Uday is now attempting a mass role as a police officer with the film 'Jai Sri Ram'. Many are not too positive about this decision.
They say that Uday's voice doesn't have any punch but he is doing the cop role. They add that he will never fit for cop or a rugged image roles and he will suit only for love stories and innocent man's roles. They declare that if he tries to attempt mass roles and is hoping to get appeal then his career will be 'Mataash'.


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